Lili Parikrama : The biggest event of Junagadh “

Lili Parikrama

Lili Parikrama : Over 4.86 lakh pilgrims attended the first phase of Parikrama & 3.79 lakh pilgrims attended the final phase of Parikrama, that’s huge isn’t it” Parikrama is in its final phase & more than 7 lakh pilgrims have attended it.

Lili Parikrama Lili Parikrama


People from all over Gujarat attended Parikrama, according to forest department 7.34 lakh pilgrims have walked on this route in past 5 days. On the other hand, more than 4.86 lakh people have already attended parikrama and are on their way to home.

Lili Parikrama Lili Parikrama

At the end of Parikrama, these pilgrims pray to nature & Girnar at various Tulsi Kyara at Bordevi. The first camping was vacant in the evening until today, only a few pilgrims will be left in the second camp.

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