Have The Man Journey – *Special Announcement* | Have The Guy

We loooooooooooooooooooooooooove your humour 🙂

my lol hihihihihihi LOL hihihihihihi LOL hihihihihi 🙂

It’s so so so-so so-so much enjoyable to be here 🙂

Feels like staying in my favorite British Club in Hong Kong 🙂

We was raised in Hong Kong ♥&♥ As a member of a Brit nightclub I enjoyed British culture every weekend 🙂

Playing playing tennis ♥&♥ snooker ♥&♥ opting for a swim ♥&♥ yard golf balls 🙂 I loooooooooooooooooove Brit sporting events 🙂

Thank Jesus the British created these types of wonderful beauty 🙂

Really heart-touching 🙂

Since I work in Germany I can not visit the Hong Kong British dance club every weekend 🙂 This is exactly why we thank Jesus i discovered you on youtube :)♥&♥ we loooooooooooooooooove as here 🙂

Along with my heart we thank-you for every little thing wonderful ♥&♥ Uk 🙂

English the most stunning languages on this planet 🙂 I looooooooooooooove the English language :)♥&♥ in Hong-Kong many loooooooooooove to dicuss English :)I always attempt to see Hong-Kong during trips 🙂 ♥&♥ we’ll practice my Englsh and hope eventually my English can be competitive with before 🙂

Say hello to your adorable precious sweet oh attractive little puppy from myself 🙂

♥&♥ somebody give Matthew ♥&♥ Jameson ♥&♥ the complete have the chap group a huge huge huge extremely huge hug since this had been one of the best British motion movies I watched 🙂

It absolutely was very very extremely fun British motion picture::: like Wimbledon 🙂

We loooooooooooooooooooooooooove your lovely wonderful anouncement 🙂

5 new tour dates :)♥&♥ you performing your LOVELIFE track :)Fantastic 🙂 breathtaking vocals + exactly what a beautiful shock :)Matthew Hussey is on its way 🙂 Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

I loooooooooooooooooove the pleased end as well 😉 It’s my opinion it absolutely was a very heart-touching minute together with your dog ♥&♥ Jameson the genius 🙂

An incredible Uk action flick with a tremendously warm-hearted lovely actor MATTHEW HUSSEY 🙂

♥&♥ i really believe to fulfill a person wonderful in person is quite heart-touching and exciting 🙂 Yeeeeeeeeeeees we’re so extremely amazing here and stay as well 🙂

This movie had been amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing as well 🙂 hihi 🙂

Heart-touching time :)♥&♥ TRANQUILITY 🙂