About Ra Khengar Vav

Ra Khengar Vav

We are going to tell you about a place which is lesser known even though being in Junagadh and is one of our ancient architectural treasures – Ra Khengar Vav.

Ra Khengar Vav Ra Khengar Vav
The construction of this step-well was undertaken by Ra Khengar, the son of Ra Navghan but it was actually built under the supervision of Tejpal who was the minister of Vaghela court. This step-well was built during the Chudasama rule on the way to Vanthali from Junagadh. Currently, this area belongs to the Agricultural University and the water from this historic well is used for the flower plants in the nursery.
Visit this architectural marvel built by our ancestors without the help of modern-day machinery and be awestruck with its grandeur.

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