Aapdu Junagadh is the leading Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Junagadh. Our marketing strategies and campaigns are aimed at improving our client’s business. These are our clients who are achieving business heights due to our services. We deliver domain specific and client customized services which have boosted our client’s business. We believe in delivering excellence and always try to incorporate trending marketing tactics in our services.Social Media Marketing Agency Junagadh

Social Media Marketing Agency Aapdu Junagadh

We have a strong community of more than 2 lakh + followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. We are a new-age digital marketing agency and design company with a team of open-minded and ever curious beings. We create experiences, campaigns on digital platforms that transform brands, make people’s lives better and eventually business growth.Digital marketing agency Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Junagadh, the pioneers of the digital wave in the city. Our services are categorized into Social Media Marketing, Branding and Media services. Be it maintaining your Social Media handles or getting an enticing photoshoot for your products, we are at your service!

Digital Marketing Agency Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh offers various packages to help you establish your brand in the market and globally.

The Monthly Social Media Page Management 

We provide the following services to manage your Facebook & Instagram Page:

  • 3 posts per week. An average of 15 posts per Month
  • 1 Video post per Month (if applicable)
  • Festival specific posts for wishing the customers
  • 1 Newspaper Advertisement Design per Month

Campaign Marketing

It is one thing to showcase your brand actively on social media but another thing when you have something different that you are offering to your customers. With the help of well-planned campaigns, you can reach out to your potential customers in a creative way.

Aapdu Junagadh
Social Media Marketing Agency Junagadh

At Aapdu Junagadh, we understand your requirements thoroughly and come up with solutions for implementing theme-based campaigns that are specifically designed to reach your Target Audience anywhere in the world with the help of Customization on Facebook.

Our Campaign-based package includes

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Photo posts

Videos can be done on:

  • A video appealing people to get in contact with you before even launching your business
  • A walkthrough video showing your business set-up
  • Video of making (best fit for restaurants)
  • Videos showing what you do subtly

We have in-house Videographers, Photographers, Editors and Designers who work day-in-day-out to create theme-based campaign posts for your brand.

Photo Posts :

Photo posts include 5 images per post in which we highlight your business services/product.

Aapdu Junagadh Blog Post :

• We market your special offers, services and products using blogs.

Our Campaign-based Marketing is done on the page of Aapdu Junagadh with a guaranteed reach. This includes 2 posts on Facebook and Instagram;

  • 1 Lac Guaranteed reach with two post for Rs 15,000/-
  • 2 Lac Guaranteed reach with two post for Rs 20,000/-

Call – 9510812000

So if you own a business, let Aapdu Junagadh help you with establishing it in the market with our latest Digital Marketing strategies.For more details – https://nobledigiventures.com/digital-marketing-agency-junagadh.php

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