The Grand Achievement of the Martial Arts Students of Junagadh

Grand Achievement

Grand Achievement : On Dec 9, 2018, a function was organised in the Martial Art Academy of India, Kaka Complex, Junagadh to felicitate and congratulate the young winners of the National Martial Arts Competition.

Grand AchievementA few days back, from Nov 22, 2018 – Nov 26, 2018, a National Level competition was organised at the Okinawa Martial Arts Academy, Vishakhapatnam. Around 1842 participants from all over India took part in this competition.

To represent Gujarat in this competition, 14 participants went to Vishakhapatnam. We, the people of Junagadh should take pride in this because all these 14 participants are from the Martial Art Academy of India, Junagadh.

We have bagged 12 Medals in this National Level Championship and in that too, 2 are Gold Medal which is a matter of honour!

A 12-year-old, Vishwa Poshya has won these Gold-Medals and this kid is indeed a wonder. He was born with a hand-deficiency and despite such a huge hurdle, he has stood victorious.

It’s truly said, The ones who have the Will, make their Own Way!

We Congratulate all the Winners for achieving such a feat!

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