Let’s make this Parikrama “clean & green”

“મોડું થાય એ પેહલા જાગો અને પ્લાસ્ટિક ને ભગાડો”

“Lili Parikrama” at Girnar is about to begin, everyone is excited about it. But wait, every year thousands of people participate in “Lili Parikrama” and everyone uses plastic bags, bottles, wrappers(માવા નું પ્લાસ્ટિક) & throw it on their way, as a result, we come one step closer to the degradation of our beautiful environment.


Some of the following pictures highlights the amount of plastic used on the routes, plastic is a slow poison not only for nature but for us too. Well, there is always a solution, so the solution is “one step at a time”.


This time let’s try a different approach, let’s change ourselves first! and stop using plastic bags on “Lili Parikrama”. Junagadh is not only blessed with beautiful nature, it is also blessed with kind-hearted people who value nature. People from PrakrutiMitra are preventing the use of plastic on the routes of “Lili Parikrama” since last 3 years & not only that they are also distributing jute bags for free to the people participating in “Lili Parikrama”(great work guys!).

PrakrutiMitra is an N.G.O working for the conservation of the environment. PrakrutiMitra is spreading the awareness around Junagadh for cleanliness & preserving our natural resources.


Few steps that you can take to prevent the use of Plastic bags in “Lili Parikrama”:

1. Remember “one step at a time”, carry a special bag or jute bag with you to collect the bottles and other stuff.

2. Carrying a plastic on the routes of “Lili Parikrama” is prohibited.

3. Do not litter.

4. Stop anyone littering but yes always be humble, not everyone agrees!

5. You can make your own “Cleaning Group” to clean the routes, Don’t wait for a signal from mother nature, she doesn’t use WhatsApp!

6. Take responsibility & come forward to clean the city, your home your responsibility.

At last, by any means do not take nature for granted, it is a precious gift that we have. Share this post with your friends.

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