Check out the Top 9 Hangout Places in Junagadh!

Hangout Places in Junagadh : There is no dearth of places in Junagadh when it comes to hanging out with friends be it any time of the day. The one thing that I love about Junagadh is you can reach any place without much hassle or the fear of getting caught in traffic or having to travel long distance at a stretch to meet your friends. Hangout Places in Junagadh

Any place is just reachable within 15 minutes tops!

So if you think there is only Bhavnath or Talav to hang out with friends, just have a look at the list of other places where you can arrange your late night rendezvous with your gang.

  1. Collector Kacheri Road

When people are complaining there are no good roads in Junagadh, show them this place! This road is famous for a leisurely walk after you are done with a sumptuous dinner. Tag along your friends and plan a meet up at this place. There is nothing as less space because the whole stretch of road is laid down with multiple benches. If you are bored of just sitting around and talking, you can drive around and take pleasure of the ride apart from stopping at the number of eatery options available in the surrounding.

  1. Raj Laxmi Park

If you are meeting your friends after a long time and your group comprises of peace-loving people, then this is the right kind of place to arrange your bitter-sweet reunion. The soothing sodium lights will give you the right kind of ambience and will set you on a ride to past reverie!

  1. Perry Plaza

If you are the type of gang that loves attention (Just for Fun), then Perry Plaza is the place you should be heading to. With a couple of eating options in the vicinity, you can enjoy your time with your buddies apart from satiating your taste buds!

  1. Zanzarda Chowkdi

Those riders out there, who want to sneak out of the city and drive to the remote area can opt for a meetup at ZanzardaChowkdi. Sharing a cup of tea after a long drive on the highway is a sheer bliss!

  1. College Road

When you want to plan a group meeting apart from a dinner without burning a hole in your pocket, College Road is the best option in Junagadh.  The place is lined up with street food options and is suitable for everyone because we know how tricky eating out can be with some people preferring Chinese and some other craving for Pizza. Here, you will get just everything ranging from the Live Steam Dhokla to Sizzling Chinese and it never hurts to have dessert in the end!

  1. Motibaug – Agriculture Road

This is the top hangout place for students of the Agriculture College as this area is mostly filled up with the students who have made Junagadh their temporary home and are residing in hostels. Just sitting with friends and talking about life and sipping in the daily simple things is the beauty of this place.

  1. Khalilpur Road

One of those places in Junagadh which is not yet crowded with residential or commercial establishments, this road can be your perfect hangout place if you want to enjoy your time with just your friends without the buzzing traffic noise. Just sit idly on the divider or around the side of the road and catch up on the things with your gang.

  1. Talav

No matter how many people come and sit on Talav’s edge, there will always be space to accommodate new ones. This place though being crowded offers delighting experience to its visitors. You will be greeted with music on certain days and if you are lucky enough, you can take a boat ride through the periphery of the lake. The mini-chowpati lined up around the corner offers multiple options to fill-up your tummies. Situated in the heart of the city, this place is easily accessible from just anywhere in Junagadh. Best hangout place in Junagadh

  1. Bhavnath

This is my personal favorite! The entire city gathers here on Sunday with their friends and family and you might feel that it’s difficult to find a decent spot to have a seat. But you are wrong. There is always some corner where you can be left alone with just your friends, all you have to do is look around and find your own spot!

So this is a list of the places from our side. Enjoy life in a slow motion in Junagadh with your loved ones at these places and if you feel it’s about time you haven’t met, TAG your crazy friends and plan a reunion soon!!

Don’t forget to write down your favorite hangout place in the Comment Box!

Author: Mitali Raval #TeamAapduJunagadh

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