Episode 5 Birds of Narsinh Talav by Weaver Films

Narsinh Talav

Narsinh Talav : Gone are the days when people used to wake up in the early morning on hearing the charming and soothing chirping of innumerable birds often accompanied by the orchestra of some birds singing – who used to perch on the thick canopy of a variety of trees, nursed and nurtured by each and every person in the city. This scenario has undergone a drastic change. The indiscriminate cutting of trees prompted by the greed of man has played havoc with their habitat. Now, the sparsely found unhealthy trees are unable to support their habitats. Poor Birds! We can only sympathize with them!
Scientists are of the opinion that the decline in bird population can be attributed to the indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides in the hope to enhance crop yield. Modern domestic electronic equipment and gadgets prevalent in almost every household are emitting harmful radiations beyond permissible limit, which may interface with shell formation of eggs and prevent hatching process. Air pollution, in general, affects bird population adversely.
Be cautious and vigilant that the ubiquitous and tweeting sparrows as well as other winged friends around your houses to entertain you by their unique and curious habits, may one day disappear from the scenario forever, creating a vacuum if timely conservation methods are not resorted to.

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