Sour to unimagined heights by enrolling your Business for Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing : Do you own a business? If you are running your business, you might also have a team dedicated to marketing your products or services. There are multiple ways to brand your business. A few of them is through Physical Media using Newspaper ads or Hoardings and Pamphlets or using the Digital Media to increase your Brand awareness through Social Media posts of your business. But recently, a term called “Influencer Marketing” is the new singsong in the arena of Digital Marketing!

Do you know what it means? Or how is this going to help you to enhance your presence on Social Media? We are here to enlighten you with the ins and outs of Influencer Marketing.

Who is a Social Media Influencer?

An Influencer is a person or agency that has an authentic presence across all social media platforms with a huge number of followers who are actively engaging with them. This online audience believes in the influencer and this helps in persuading such a vast audience on Social Media to buy or use anything due to credibility.

Social Media Influencers

Any social media user who has around 10,000 followers is known as Micro-Influencer. Such accounts are authentic because the audience is organic(people who follow the account due to the value-added content provided) and not the paid ones in which there are chances of losing followers.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

Each Influencer works in particular niches. So the task of a brand is to find Influencers who are working in respective field or there are few influencers or agencies that work across a large domain and have expertise in marketing a variety of products and services.

Usually, the charges of influencers are on the basis of the number of posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat(if applicable), YouTube, Twitter and other social media which are prevalent these days.

You can reach the end customers through these influencers in whom they believe. Hence, an Influencer will post photos with your brand and in turn create an appealing content that will attract their followers to use those services and products.

For Example, the famous Brands of Shoes like Adidas, Nike, Reebok etc. or Brands of Watches or Clothes collaborate with these Influencers. The Influencers then click their own photos wearing or using these goodies given to them and they review it in their posts and stories.

This way, the followers are lured into buying the products, a smart way to manipulate your target market audience!

Also, bear in mind that not all people are aware of everything that you are selling. So brand awareness is necessary in this cutthroat competition to stay in the game and generate revenue. This method of marketing is your one-time investment to penetrate your audience and make them aware of your brand!

Building your brand through Influencer marketing helps you to reach Local Markets easily

Major businesses are yet to explore the power of Influencer Marketing. The easiest way to introduce your product into an unknown market is by contacting the Influencers of that particular marketplace. This is because a majority of the regional people might be following and getting regular updates from such famous personality of respective regions.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to marketing in Junagadh region, Aapdu Junagadh has a knack for smartly providing the maximum reach of your brand thereby generating Brand awareness among the people of Junagadh locality. With an online community of more than 1 lac followers collectively on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and an average engagement of 6 lac(Likes, Comments, Shares, Website traffic), we provide value to our business partners by creating engaging and informative content targeting all age-groups.

So if you are still in a dilemma whether to go for Influencer Marketing or not, the answer lies in the above stats!

Be it the launching of a new Phone or new apparel collection, be ready to get huge returns on your investments if you go for Influencer marketing!

Want to take your business to new heights? Contact us and leave the rest to us!

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