Boost your Brand Awareness on Instagram with these 8 Tips in 2019!

Brand Awareness on Instagram

Brand Awareness on Instagram : With such a huge number of users, it is now the 2nd most-used Social Media platform. When such a huge crowd is already there on this platform, isn’t it wiser to brand your business here?how to grow your business using instagram

Brand Awareness on Instagram
Boost your Brand Awareness on Instagram with these 8 Tips in 2019

If you still have any doubts, the below statistics speak for themselves;

  • 60% of people buying in store come around due to the social media influence of the product/service
  • 70% of the millennial generation’s buying decision is based on what their friends are purchasing
  • 81% of customers who actually make the purchase are influenced after seeing the product/ service on social media
Boost your Brand Awareness on Instagram with these 8 Tips in 2019!
Boost your Brand Awareness on Instagram with these 8 Tips in 2019!

With such a huge exposure of your target audience, this is the right time to mark your sovereign on Instagram.

While you are here, check out the following tips that will guide you in making the most of this platform;

1. A sensible username:


Just any username won’t do. Decide upon a username that resonates with what your brand represents. It should be meaningful and must convey clearly what your business is all about.

2. Setup a business Profile:

You are not an individual sharing your personal life on the platform. You are a business owner and the more visibility you get, the more you are bound to widen your audience reach.

Setup your Instagram account as a Business profile, and link it to other social media platform for ease of management. This will also help you with statistics that will guide you through improving and evolving your digital media marketing strategies.

3. Using the Hashtag weapon:

how to grow your business using instagram
how to grow your business using instagram

Instagram and Twitter are the platforms on which hashtags can help you reach out to the people who are not following you. Employing hashtags to gain maximum reach is a catch on getting new followers and increasing reach.

There are certain websites and apps to help you with the right kind of hashtags.

Below are a few:

Keep one hashtag that is specific to your own brand and the rest can be generic and can be found on the internet. You can use maximum of 30 hashtags. So try to use the ones that actually make a difference.

4. Stay well-connected with your followers:

It might seem that you are a brand and are not supposed to respond to those who follow you. Don’t make this mistake. Engage well with your followers who are also your potential customers/clients. Reply to the DMs. Engage through comments. Take part in the discussions and online forums. Improve your presence and see the difference it makes in your brand awareness.

5. Generate more Video Content:

Video content is now taking over the digital space. Already 83% of businesses have taken the cue to show their content in the form of video content. And the rest are following it and it is soon to rise in the numbers.
Create engaging 1-min videos showing your product or services for Instagram. Apart from this, you can also create long videos for IGTV and can schedule timely Live on Instagram to connect well with your followers and show them what it is to be a part of your brand.

6. Run Contests:

One of the best ways to have your way around your followers, retaining them and gaining new ones is to run contests on a timely basis. Contests help you reach out to the circles of your followers. You can prepare relevant and unique hashtags and tell your followers to use them. In return, you can gift your products/services as giveaways to the winners.

7. Leverage Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories give you an upper hand to beat the market competition. When executed in the right way, stories have shown to gain followers and increase engagements in the form of tags and shares.
Show what it is to work with you and being a part of your brand. You can also give details about your products/services through multiple stories, revealing features one by one to generate curiosity among the users. You can repost the stories of your followers that consists of your products. People love attention, and giving them just that will, in turn, help you garner more attention!

8. Collaborating with Influencers:

One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and reach is through Influencers. Earlier, we already told you who is an Influencer and how having your brand represented by Influencers can affect your business. If you have missed, read it here.
People trust Influencers and if your brand is endorsed by them, it is sure to convert your sale rates!

Wrap Up:

With around 1.25 lac followers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we are already managing the digital presence of 30+ brands on Social media platform apart from 20+ successful marketing campaigns on our
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