Narsinh Mehta no choro

This place is believed to be the place where the great devotee poet and Saint Narsinh Mehta (15th Century) had seen the paradise and dance (Raas) of Lord Krishna with Radha. Narsinh Mehta was a great spiritual poet of Nagar community. As he used to visit houses of untouchables (Harijans – as he called them) to sing his Bhajans, his community fellows put him out of community. It is said that he had real vision of Lord Shiva, who took him to Vainkunth and showed him Raas Leela of Lord Krishna and Radhaji. He used to visit Damodar Kund early in the morning singing his poems (Prabhatiya). The famous poem “Vaishnavjan To Tene Re Kahiye Je Pid Parayi Jane Re…” which was favourite Bhajan of Mahatma Gandhi was originally written by Narsinh Mehta. This place is said to be one where the great poet Saint and reformer Narsinh Mehta held his assemblies of discovers in 15th century. Some believe that Lord Krishna held a traditional “Rasleela” dance for his devotee Narsinh Mehta.

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Narsinh Mehta Narsinh Mehta