Learn at home – trending courses to learn in lockdown

trending courses

Trending courses : The trends in the world of learning are evolving and expanding rapidly since the last few years. And with that, we also need to change our perspective towards it. Some new fields have come up lately, which were not explored before. So here are some new offbeat courses that you can take today to improve your skills.

trending courses

Many universities have started collaborating with various online learning platforms for ease and convenience. Due to Coronavirus, these platforms are also offering free or discounted courses. If you are free and willing to learn some new skills, you can grab this opportunity.

trending courses

1. Software development. 

  • Coding courses are a great way to improve your skills and employability.
You can learn computer languages like
  • JAVA,
  • PHP,
  • C,
  • C++ etc.
Where to learn?
  • On online courses available on Udemy, edX, Google Primer
  • IT or Computer engineering colleges.

2. Cybersecurity

  • With the rise of computers and the internet, cybersecurity came out as a great field to explore. Any big or small enterprises need to safeguard their data and information.
Job opportunities
  • Digital security firms
  • Software companies
  • Police and Intelligence department
Where can you learn Cybersecurity?
  • Online platforms like Coursera, edX

3. Digital marketing:-

  • Our buying habits also have changed completely on the internet. We are buying more and more things online. That’s where digital marketing comes into the picture.

Job opportunities at

  • Digital marketing firms
  • Websites
  • Advertising agencies
  • You can write Blogs or even become an Influencer
Where can you learn Digital Marketing?
  • Google Primer app
  • Online learning apps like Udemy, Coursera, Unacadamy, edX etc.

4. Art and creation

  • If you consider yourself an artist, you have way more opportunities nowadays than before. With the spread of the internet, many art forms are now in demand.

 i) Graphic Designing

If you are good with sketching, imagination and do have a good sense of colours; you would love to learn Graphic Designing.

Job opportunities at 
  • Advertising firms
  • Digital media firms
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
Where can you learn it?
  • YouTube
  • Online learning apps like Udemy, Coursera, Unacadamy, edX etc.

ii) Creative Writing

  • If you are good with writing skills and have an imaginative mind, you will like learning about writing.
Different types of courses for Creative writing are
  • Scriptwriting
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting
Job opportunities at
  • Advertising firms
  • Media houses
  • Production houses
  • You can also start your own blog or site or write your own books

5. Entrepreneurship

  • Building our own business has always been a big fascination for Gujjus.
You can learn about
  • The function of a business
  • Investments and capital money
  • Various strategies to boost your business.
Where can you learn it?
  • Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) conducts seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship. (Offline course)
  • Online courses on edX, Upgrad, Udemy etc.

These are some courses that you can learn. World of education is moving fast. Pace up and improve your skills. Keep learning, keep shining.

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