Reasons why you should experience Monsoon in Junagadh City ?

Monsoon in Junagadh

Monsoon in Junagadh : Traveling and exploring has always been one of my priorities and I have great aspirations to travel to different places. I genuinely believe that it cannot be called traveling if you put filters on it. We put criteria as to places that are fancy or farther is ‘traveling’. Even I used to believe so.

Monsoon in Junagadh
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I am born in Junagadh and lived here for 17 years, have been to places that my parents took me to. I left my parents’ house for further studies and came here at the time of vacations. Last year when I came for vacation I got bored easily. Plus, the heat in Junagadh is quite intense. It roasts and burns every inch of you. Towards the end, I was absolutely infuriated and fed up by the heat. As the monsoon arrived my friends forced me to revisit some of the places and the experience turned out to be heavenly.

For the Adrenaline-rushers: 

If there is one thing that makes the entire monsoon special is the mountains. If you are very fond of waterfalls there is a hillock called “Jata Shankar”.

Jatta Shankar- Top 10 place in Junagadh
Jatta Shankar

It is also famous for the temple of Lord Shiva. Who would not want to dive into the freshwater ever whilst enjoying the beauty of it? I would recommend you to go there when it is not too crowded which means avoiding festival time.

For the Lazy Lot : 

If you are not quite the sporty or you are looking forward to relaxing rather than draining yourself, the foothills of Girnar, Bhavnath, is the best place for you.

top 10 place in junagadh

There is nothing better than a ride on a bike to Taleti. You can go with your family, pick a spot and enjoy something I will call half concrete and half woods. But it is definitely relaxing! Having a Kavo or Bhajiya or Makai or a cup of Chai is just too satisfying. You have drained your batteries during the week anyway.

Bhavnath Temple

Visiting Bhavnath is like recharging it all over again. I have had some of my best times with my family and friends in Bhavnath. And monsoon takes the experience to the next level.

For the Serenity Seekers:

Another place to visit during monsoon is Lal-Dhori. It has around 32 species of birds and various species of plants too.

It has a small lake and a mere look of it is meditative. Plus, there is a view of the hills. There is a plant breeding park too. The reason why monsoon is the right time to go to Lal Dhori is everything from the lake to plants and trees, to mountains around are alive!

For the Nature Lovers:

Willingdon dam-Top 10 place in Junagadh
Willingdon dam

You can also go to Wellington Dam which was built during the British era and is in the middle of the mountains. Monsoon fills up the entire dam and around is surrounded by a pleasing green layer of trees. It is Beautiful, quiet, clean and spews peace!

Wrapping Up

Be it adventurous or relaxing or accompanying motive, monsoon in Junagadh is for everybody. You would not know it unless you try.

Lastly, I am Shreya and stay connected for more of my stories and experiences like these in Junagadh City. We will come up with more interesting stuff for you.

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