Damodara Kund | Junagadh

This is the main place where the two festivals are celebrated every year. In the month of October-November during the period of five days concluding on the full-moon day of Kartik Month “Parikrama” is held after hoisting of Dhaja on this temple. The parikrama or circular travel goes on for five days, covering a distance of about 40 Kms around the Girnar Mountain. It has got very much importance and is compared to the Lili Parikrama of Govardhan mountain in Vraj. It is believed to be pious because Lord Dattatrey is believed to be staying on Mount Girnar for these five days and his devotees move around the Mount to pay their homage to Lord Dattatrey. For the nature lovers, it is an excursion which brings one in direct contact with nature and nature’s hidden treasure. There are some drawbacks from the view point of an environmentalist. The visitors bring plastic bags, bottles and litter them on the way to Parikrama. In order to remove this bad impact, social organizations organize a cleaning Parikrama after the main Parikrama is over. For nature lovers and social servants, Mr. Mahendra Mashru, the honourable M.L.A. of Junagadh conducts a one day Parikrama on the first Sunday of Kartik Month. This Kund (Water pond) is on the way to Foot of Mount Girnar. It is considered to be a sacred bathing place. Close to Damodara Kund is Revati Kund. It is said that Revata left Dwarka and moved near Girnar Hill after his daughter, Revati, married Lord Balarama. Near Aswatthama Hill, which is north of Damodara Kund, is the Damodarji Temple, said to have been built by Vajranabha, Lord Krishna’s great-grandson. Near the dam, the steps go up to 2,779 feet (847 m) high to the famous shrine of Jamiyalshah Datar, where both Hindu and Muslim devotees share their faith.

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Damodara Kund Damodara Kund