Chittaranjan Desai’s Photography Workshop & Photowalk

Chittaranjan Desai in junagadh

“Chittaranjan Desai’s Photography Workshop & Photowalk”
Attention every photographer: We promised you something huge is on the way(remember?). We have finally arranged a bigger Photography workshop for everyone starting from beginner to pro. The speaker of this workshop is Mr. Chittaranjan Desai, he will be starting from a basic to the advanced level. Topics like familiarity to your own camera, equipment for landscape photography, various composition aspects, setting for various scenarios, how to use natural lights and much more.

Mr. Chitranjan Desai is from Surat and we’ll just let his pictures do the “talking”, to be honest, his pictures can be described through just one word “Outstanding”.

This workshop is a full day workshop.

1st session: Morning field visit
2nd session: Lecture by Chitranjan Desai(Golden hour!)
3rd session: Evening Field visit

Here comes the question of the hour, you might be wondering what’s the price or the fees?

It’s 1500 Rs. Per person and we promise to deliver values!

Breakfast, Lunch & High Tea are included in the fees.

Date: Mid February(Exact date will be announced soon)

As this is a bigger platform we do have limited seats available & registration is compulsory.

For registration:

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