Check your knowledge about Girnar Ranges


Girnar : So far, so good!
We are loving you for your knowledge of our Junagadh.
Moving on, these are the places marked in the image.
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A. Datar Temple 
Situated near the Willingdon Dam and about 847 m high, Datar is one of the peak points in the Girnar Range and one has to climb around 3500+ steps to reach this point. Datar is famous for the shrine of Jamiyal Shah Datar and it is revered by both Hindus and Muslims which shows the cultural unity of Junagadh.

B. Navnath Dhuno 
Going beyond the Datar peak, you reach the point which is known as Navnath Dhuno. This point offers a beautiful view of entire Junagadh city and the Girnar range. For people who love photography, this is your kind of place and you can capture the beauty of Junagadh in its raw form. One can also spot vultures from here.

Get your backpacks and be ready for the adventurous trek to these places.

If you find something interest worth sharing with us and the rest of the people of Junagadh then mention it in the Comment Box because “Achhe Kam me Deri Kyu!”

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