Check your knowledge about Girnar Ranges


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  1. Ambaji Temple – Girnar


Among the 5 primary peaks on Girnar, Ambaji forms one of them. For most of the people who can’t climb the entire Girnar mountain, Ambaji is their end spot. The pilgrims take their shelter in this temple of Parvati Mata at a height of 1010 m(3330 ft) for a while and prepare themselves for the further climb to Guru Dattatretya.

2. Gorakhnath Temple – Girnar 

Check your knowledge about Girnar Ranges

The Gorakhnath temple located in Girnar ranges is an ancient temple and there are no records about the time of its establishment. It is located 1116 m(3666 ft) above sea level and is famous for the footprints of Rishi Gorakhnath.

3. Guru Dattatretya Temple – Girnar

Check your knowledge about Girnar Ranges

The journey to Guru Dattatretya is an experience in itself but the destination is worth all the efforts. This peak is symbolic to the powerful meditation done by Lord Dattatretya which made him the Siddhakhestra. This peak of Girnar offers breathtaking views of the surrounding.

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