App of the week – Productivity Challenge Timer

Productivity Challenge Timer : Procrastination is the biggest enemy of time management & time management is nothing more than life management. There is a simple way to let go of the procrastination, if you cant work for hours why don’t you start by working on your projects for just 10 mins. This app does it simply & effectively.

                                            Productivity Challenge Timer 

Productivity Challenge Timer

“It’s time to work but wait I don’t like to work” if you often say this then here is the way to make progress every day. Simple and effective way, I am serious! Productivity challenge timer is easy to use app, you just have to insert your project (your work) then decide how much time will you work for it. In the beginning, I was a procrastination champion and using this app I started working for 10 mins only than I extended it to 30 mins. daily. If you can’t work for 10 mins. in the beginning you are probably dead! Use this app wisely it can change your life.

Name of the app: Productivity Challenge Timer
Developer: AXFN

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