App of the week – “aTimelogger-time tracker”

Smartphones are revolutionary yet most of the people do not use it as productively as they should. Most of us use for entertainment purpose but smartphones can be used as a tool to change your life.

aTimelogger-time tracker


Time is the most limited resource that we have and if you are not using it well, you are making a mistake. So the pain of discipline would be better than the pain of regret and here maintaining discipline is much easier due to time logger: time tracker. Follow this 3 steps to take control of your time using this amazing app:

#1 Analysis

Using this app analyze where you waste your time

#2 Note down

Note down the time wasters in app

#3 Small changes

Start making small changes daily

#4 Analysis

And analyze your progress.This app is simple and effective; it is really easy to track your time every day.

Name of the app: aTimelogger-time tracker
Developer: BGCI

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