5 Inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs

5 Inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs doesn’t need an introduction; we all know how brilliant this man was. But did you know, life just like physics follow certain rules and if you follow them you win, if you don’t you lose. We always believe life happens by chance but it’s not true at all. Here are 5 life lessons from Steve Jobs that will help you to live a better life.

  1. Follow your heart

“Don’t waste your life living someone else’s life”

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs always insisted on following your heart no matter what. He always asked himself “What would I do if today was the last day of my life?” Answer to this question gives a very clear picture of life.

  1. Love what you do

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”

5 Inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs

These words direct to us a point that in order to be truly happy, one must do the work that he/she loves.

  1. Success leaves clue

There are billions of people in the world and million of books, Steve Jobs suggests that one must learn from successful people because success leaves clues and it is easy to follow. You can learn the way successful people think and work by reading their books or watching their interviews.

5 Inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs

  1. Your goal is not to make money

“Apple’s goal is not to make money. Our goal is to design, develop and bring good products to market. We trust as a consequence of that, people will like them and as another consequence, we’ll make some money.”

5 Inspirational lessons from Steve Jobs

Billionaires do not work for money, they work to provide better services and facilities to fellow humans and in return they make billions!

  1. Don’t give up

“Sometimes life hits you hard in the head, don’t give up”

Steve Jobs

Most people give up on themselves and their dreams, in return they live an average life and then they die!

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