Need to know facts on Republic Day 2018

know facts on Republic Day : Do you know why we celebrate Republic Day and its significance in India? For those who don’t know it and also for those who know it, this article is going to take you to the to Delhi Republic Day Parade!

Read on and tell us if you were abl

e to visualize the parade that you are going to watch tomorrow on TV.

Why we celebrate Republic Day ?

know facts on Republic Day

India achieved independence on 15th Aug, 1947 but at that time we did not have our own Constitution(A system of rules by which a nation/state can be governed). Before the constitution of India came into existence, India was governed by the Government of India Act, 1935. A committee was appointed to draft our permanent constitution with Dr B R Ambedkar as its chairman. The Constitution was adopted by Indian Constituent Assembly on 26th Nov, 1949 but it came into effect on 26th Jan, 1950 to remember this day in the memory of Purna Swaraj which was declared by Indian National Congress on the same day itself in 1930.
Republic Day

So we celebrate 26th Jan every year as Republic day to mark this day as India becoming an Independent Republic Nation and we are completing 69 years as a Republic Nation in 2018!

Here comes the part that we all wait for an entire year – The Republic Day Parade
Republic Day

Stick to your couch tomorrow morning for the grand show that is telecasted every year live from Delhi and before you do that, read this article to know the facts about this Delhi Republic Parade that takes place every year and what’s in store for us this year.

To mark the importance of our Republic day, every year, a grand parade is held in New Delhi from Raisina Hill Rashtrapathi Bhavan, along the Rajpath, past India Gate. Before it starts, the Prime Minister lays a garland of flowers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, followed by two minutes silence in the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect us and died for India’s Independence.

The President then unfurls the National flag followed by playing of the National Anthem and a 21-gun salute is given as the President’s Bodyguard renders the National Salute. Important Awards like the Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra and National Bravery Award are given by the President to felicitate the people from armed forces, civilians and children who have shown their bravery in various situations.

know facts on Republic Day

This is followed by the parade from the three wings of Defence(Army, Navy and Air Force) with their bands and official decorations. The para-military forces and other civil forces also take part in the parade.

A unique feature of this parade is the camel-mounted Border Security Force contingent which is the only of its kind in the whole world(Indeed a sight to behold!)

Apart from this, the best N.C.C. cadets, school students from various schools also take part in this. Each State and Union Territory have their respective cultural diversity exhibited in this parade through their respective state music and dance forms.

This parade ends with the Dare Devil Motorcycle riding by the units of the Armed Forces and a flypast(ceremonial flight of a group of aircraft) by the Indian Air Force jets and Helicopters carrying the national flag.

Republic Day

The entire celebration of Republic Day spans for 3 days and ends with the Beating Retreat ceremony on 29th Jan which is done by the performance of the Bands of the three wings of Defence(Army,Navy and Air Force)

What’s new in the celebration of the Republic Day of 2018

There are certain things which will be happening for the first time in this Republic Day. These are:

  • All-Women Bike Contingent: For the first time in the history of India, the Daredevil bike stunts will be performed by 113 BSF trained Women-Bikers(India is on its way to gender equality)

know facts on Republic Day

  • Ten ASEAN leaders as the Chief Guest: This year holds the record for the number of Chief Guests invited from other countries and unions to the Republic Day parade. This step to invite the ASEAN leaders is to mark the 25 years of India-ASEAN relation.
    (ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
  • Performance by more than 700 students from across India and guest countries: Students will be performing the various dance forms of the guest countries and Indian states thereby honouring their presence.
  • The debut of Rudra Helicopter: India’s indigenous weapon system, integrated helicopter Rudra – developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited – will make its debut this Republic Day.

That’s all from our side. Share this knowledge as much as you can to fellow citizens and let them know why this Republic Day is going to be a special one.

If we left out to mention anything, please come forward and state it in the comment box and let us all get the gyan!

*Note: The article is written by taking  the reference of wikipedia and several newspapers including Times of India, NDTV, Yourstory and Business Standard.

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