Best places to visit in junagadh during Vacation

Best places to visit in junagadh

It is vacation time and everybody is looking for a place to go and have a memorable experience. Most people prefer to go to places in North India because of the summer heat in the rest of the parts of India. But everyone doesn’t have the budget to spend a large amount for vacation. There are places in Gujarat itself where people can have a good time in summer and enjoy a budgeted trip. Junagadh is one such place which has everything to offer, right from Hills to Forests and Historical Places. best places to visit in junagadh

best places to visit in junagadh

There are around 15 lac tourists who visit Junagadh all year round. Most of them prefer to come during Winter but it is also a pleasant place to be in Summer vacation too. An estimated 60 crores are earned in Junagadh yearly only through Traveling Sector. There are a lot of places for people of all kinds and interests in Junagadh and 3-4 days are sufficient to cover them all.

Below is the list of all the places one can explore while in Junagadh;

Uparkot Fort:
Best places to visit in junagadh

This place will be an interesting spot for history buffs and even if you are not much into history, you can still enjoy and appreciate the age-old architectural beauty of this place. Although the place is in a bit ruined condition, it is a beauty in itself! Last year, almost 10 lac people visited the fort.
Others places to see in Uparkot are Adi Kadi Vav, Nawghan Kuwo, Ranki Devi’s palace, the marriage hall of the king, Neelam and Manek cannons, Buddhist Caves and Grain storages.

This fort is 3 km from the Junagadh Bus station and is easily accessible through autos.

Timing: Open till 6:00 pm
Entry Fee: Free

Girnar Mountain Range:
Places to visit in Junagadh during Vacation

There are many different places of worship in the entire Girnar range. Last year, an approximate 15 lac tourists visited the Girnar range. One has to do a little trekking and reach the top to the visit the temples. This journey to the top is a wonderful experience. Places like Jatashankar, Lal-Dhori, Kashmiri Bapu ni jagya are famous excursion places in Monsoon.

People visit during the 2 main festive events, Parikrama and Maha Shivratri to experience a different kind of environment filled with mystic air.

In Girnar mountain, there are the famous Jain Temples, Ambaji Temple, Guru Gorakhnath Temple, Guru Dattatreya Temple and other peak points. One can also visit the Datar mountain for wonderful panoramic views of the city.

Bhavnath Mandir and Taleti:

At the foothill of the mountain range lies the Bhavnath temple which is an important place of worship for the pilgrims. Inside the temple, there is Mrigi Kund which has a mysterious mythological story attached to its existence. The temple is the starting point of Girnar Parikrama and Maha Shivratri mela.

The Bhavnath region is around 8 km from the bus station and one can get autos easily at reasonable rates.

Damodar Kund:

The Damodar Kund is one of the holy places in Junagadh and people take bath in the kund which is believed to wash away all the sins. People come to Damodar Kund to immerse the ashes of their loved ones and it is considered that this way, the soul of the departed will attain moksha. The place is around 5 km from Bus stand.

Ashok Shilalekh:

This place contains the rock edicts of Emperor Ashoka which date back to 250 BC. The inscription on this unevenly shaped rock are in the Brahmi script of Pali language and they are instructions related to dharma, peace, morality, harmony and tolerance. One can take a detour to this place from the Bhavnath temple and Taleti area.

Akshar Mandir:

One can visit the Akshar Mandir in Junagadh and spend a peaceful time in the temple premises and enjoy the pure and tasty food available here. There is a peaceful environment in the temple and one can sit and spend some time in the garden and feel the aura of God.

Sakkarbag Zoo :

One of the oldest zoos in entire India, this zoo has a large variety of animals and birds and some are also brought from other countries. It will take around 3 hours to properly cover the entire zoo. It is around 3 km from Bus Station and last year, around 11 lac people visited the zoo.

Timing: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Entry Fee: Different for adults and kids and extra money for Cameras and Videography.

Motibaug Garden and Pari Talav:

This is a magnificent Botanical garden in Junagadh and a must visit place to witness a variety of different species of plants and flowers. There is a lake inside the garden campus. It is around 2 km from Bus station.

Mahabat Maqbara:

This place is an architectural marvel and is a combination of various forms of architectural styles like Gothic and Indo-Islamic. This place is not maintained like it should be but one must visit the place to marvel at its beautiful structures and minarets.

Junagadh Museum:

One can know the history of Junagadh and can see various belongings of the Nawabs in the Junagadh Museum.

Timings: Open from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm and closed on Sat, Sun and Wed.
Hope you have a great stay and enjoy your vacation in Junagadh!

Author – Mitali Raval #TeamAapduJunagadh

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