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Deshi Dhaba

Algaari Shop Junagadh

The word Algaari means Free. An Algaari is in her own world and in harmony with existence. An Algaari makes home wherever she goes – she belongs, where she is. We created Algaari to give you a reason to feel this freedom and at the same time have a sense of Belonging, too. Algaari is made up of Emotions. The ones that connect you to the roots of our culture without boundaries. We bring these emotions of belongingness and sweet memories in the form of Souvenirs to you. 

Algaari Shop Junagadh

A one-to-one platform between customers and all types of vendors to connect people in Junagadh directly with every business out there.
Vendors can list their business, provide information about their products/services and give discounts and sales to their customers and people can SAVE BIG by grabbing the Offer Coupons from the app and get the best deals!