Food Awards 2018

Food Awards 2018

We were all sitting around and brainstorming for ideas when one of us said, let’s do Food Awards! And why not?!

So in the year 2018, Aapdu Junagadh came up with Food Awards to let people of Junagadh know about the food places in the city and create an engaging online community.

We sat with our teacups and discussed how we’d go about the awards and what categories we will keep so that all types of food gets involved. We came up with 7 categories – Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, Street Food, Pizzeria, Tea, and Dessert. Rajani Group was the title sponsor for Aapdu Junagadh Food Awards 2018.

Food Awards 2018 took place in 2 rounds.

People voted through comments on Facebook and Instagram on each category for their favorite food outlets. We selected the total votes from both platforms and top-3 from each category were selected for the final round.

The final round was carried out on our website on which people voted through the OTP-based voting system. We did this to ensure neutral voting.

The outlets with the highest votes were declared winners.