App Of The Week – Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

Psychologists have developed a collection of exercises, or “interventions,” which have been proven to increase happiness and other desirable mental traits. Gratitude Journal packages these exercises up for you in one application so that you can easily incorporate them into your life and reap all the benefits from decades of psychological research. Exercises are scheduled for completion on a recurring schedule — allowing you to build the habit of positive mental transformation.

Gratitude Journal

When you are grateful and thankful you can’t worry. And gratitude is one of the best emotion that must be your best friend! The gratitude journal is the effective app, you have to answer this simple question every day “what am I really grateful for?” and see how your life takes a beautiful turn. Apart from this feature, this app provides lot more features that will be really helpful to you. Just give it a sincere try it will change your world.

Name of the app: Gratitude journal
Developer: John De Mott

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