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About Junagadh

About Junagadh.

Junagadh is the 7th largest city in Gujarat and is situated at the foot of Girnar hills. Very few places in Gujarat offer what Junagadh has, a rich Historical significance and Cultural Diversity.
The proof of this fact is that it comprises of historical monuments starting from the very ancient age 500 BC till the most recent history of partition of India in 1947 AD.

The rulers which have inhabited the city so far have contributed to shaping the city as per their own interests and cultural diversity.

Hence, you can see edicts of Ashoka inscribed in Pali language on granite stones, the grand Uparkot Fort which has been the abode of many kings, masterpieces which were built in Indo-Islamic style coupled with Gothic art forms (Mohabat Maqbara) in Junagadh.

Monuments is not the only thing which these rulers have given to Junagadh. So far, it has been known by various names like “Raivatachal”, “Raivatnagar”, “Revant”, “Manipur”, “Chandraketapur”, “Puratanpur”, “Pratappur”, “Narendrapur”, “Girinagar”, “Karan Kunj”, “Jirna Durg”, “Mustafabad” and finally the present name “Junagadh” was given by the British Government in 1820 AD.

This city has been a tourist attraction for over years not only because of it’s immense Cultural and Historical importance but also because of it has a plethora of temples and mosques which provides peace to the soul of religious people.

Every day thousands of tourists visit the city for religious, entertainment and educational purpose.

The two main reasons which give the tag of fame to Junagadh are “Parikrama” (Held in October-November during the period of five days concluding on the full-moon day of Kartik Month) and “Maha Shivratri” (Held in February-March on the No-Moon-day of Magha Month) every year. The importance of these festivals is not only up to local level but has also spread over the national and international level. NagaBawa’s or Naked Sages come to take part in these festivals from all over India. Every year on an average more than 1 Million people visit Junagadh during these two festivals only and it’s a major economic source as well.

Apart from this, the major attractions from Junagadh are:

Mount Girnar which is older than even the Himalayas and is one of the main pilgrim places for Jains, Sakkarbaug Zoo which is the second oldest and fourth biggest zoo in India, various step -wells and caves built during different eras, homes dating back to the time of yore reminding of the time when India was known as Golden Bird and you can keep exploring till you are satisfied.

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