What comes to your mind when you think of Junagadh?

A small town. Lesser opportunities. Not-so-happening town. Too boring for the young blood. No growth. No future.

Seems like the story of everyone who ever went out of Junagadh for studying or job or something better than Junagadh. Right?

This is where Aapdu Junagadh comes into the picture - to showcase the bigger picture that is Junagadh, as we strive to change the future of the city. To show people that Junagadh is more than just a small town. To bring the side of Junagadh that is more valuable than a happening and buzzing big city.

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The people behind Aapdu Junagadh

We, the people behind Aapdu Junagadh, have been working consistently since the year 2017 to convert this ‘Small Town Myth’ to ‘Magic’. Our founders are the people who gave up growth opportunities in bigger cities and even countries to contribute here, in their hometown, Junagadh

Not Just Digital News Media Platform

If you are here, you might have come from either our Facebook or Instagram page. And looking at our posts, you would have thought; ‘Okay, this is a news sharing platform.’

Yes, we are a Digital News Media platform. But, not JUST that. We go beyond sharing positive happenings of Junagadh city. We make things HAPPEN in Junagadh.

Events , Campaigns, Competitions
We make things HAPPEN in Junagadh!

Be it showcasing the art of a budding artist or organizing a business event, live-streaming Navratri garba moves of the city or arranging cooking competitions, we have done it all. Our events, campaigns and competitions are aimed at connecting the people of Junagadh, bringing about new and exciting things in the life of anyone who stays here and thinks that it is limiting and above all, making Junagadh no less than any metro city of Gujarat.

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital presence of businesses

Aapdu Junagadh is not limited to showcasing or organizing such activities. We also started with a vision to tap the economical potential of the city. Our Digital Marketing Agency, Noble Digiventures, leaves no stone unturned in crafting and calibrating the digital presence of businesses in Junagadh. Our marketing services delivered with out-of-the-box thinking have benefited more than 200+ clients across ___ business verticals. We help businesses in seamlessly transforming their journey from being a brick and mortar business to a digitally thriving venture, more connected with their target customers and generating more revenue than ever.

How do we help in building your Brand?

People connect to stories. And stories lead them to take action. Our creative team is all set to craft your brand image through our Videos, Photos and Stories packages.

With a total audience of 5.5+ lac across all our online platforms, our monthly Active Reach is 10346912. When you promote your business on Aapdu Junagadh, you get THIS Spotlight!

A guaranteed minimum reach of 1 Lakh and conversions of 2 lakh makes our packages too good to resist.

The key benefits of branding on Aapdu Junagadh
01.Brand Awareness
02.Brand Visibility
03.Increased Business Footfall
04.Increased Revenue
Our Creative Process


or Idea Generation .

Our content team brainstorm and create ideas according to the requirements of the client.


/ Creation.

With their creative inputs, designers or video content creators generate appropriate photo/story posts or video adverts.


/ Engagement.

Our team determines the publishing time and date based on the reach, client's target audience, budget, and other considerations.

Don’t take our words for it here’s what our clients say

હું Jaydeep Surela Owner Of Jay Optic થોડાં દિવસ પહેલાં મેં Aapdu Junagadh માધ્યમથી Story Advertisement કરાવેલી. જેનાથી મારા Social Media Account પર 300 જેટલી ક્લિક અને મને 10 થી વધુ Inquires આવી.

Jaydeep Surela

Owner Of Jay Optic

હું Devang Vadhiya મેં ગઈકાલે તા.08મી ઓક્ટોબરના રોજ Aapdu Junagadh ના સોશિયલ મીડિયા પ્લેટફોર્મ પર મારા બિઝનેસની Story Advertisement કરાવી, જેનાથી મને 60 થી પણ વધુ ગ્રાહકો મળ્યાં.

Devang Vadhiya Owner of Natural Dairy

We really appreciate your effort with the marketing that helped us reach the right audience of Junagadh.
We would specially like to thank the photography and videography team for capturing each aspect of the studio so beautifully.

Raj Rajani Owner of Rajani Group

- આપ દ્વારા યોજાયેલ Campaign #AJFoodVlog માં અમારી રેસ્ટોરન્ટ Red Chilli's ની કાજૂ-ગાંઠિયા સબ્જીને ખૂબ જ અભૂતપૂર્વ પ્રતિસાદ મળ્યો છે.
- ખૂબ ખૂબ ધન્યવાદ ટીમ ને, ક્રિએટિવિટી અને કો-ઓપરેશન બદલ. જે લોકો સુધી અમે 3 વર્ષમાં નહોતાં પહોંચી શક્યાં ત્યાં તમો એ અમને 3 દિવસમાં પહોંચાડી દીધાં !.

Shyam & Gunja Patel Owner of Red Chili's Restaurant

હું Bhumit Parmar (Owner Of Bakali) થોડાં દિવસ પહેલાં મેં Aapdu Junagadh ના માધ્યમથી 5 Stories Advertisement કરાવી, જેનાથી મારા Social Media Account પર 868 જેટલી ક્લિક અને મને 25 થી વધુ Customers મળ્યાં.

Bhumit Parmar Owner Of Bakali
Packages for advertisment on aapdu junagadh facebook & instagram
Story Packages
  • One time Story Provided From Client
    ₹ 2000
  • One time Story with Design
    ₹ 2500
  • Monthly 5 Story Provided From Client
    ₹ 9500
  • Monthly 5 Story with Design
    ₹ 12000
Video Packages
  • Video Or Reels Ads (1 to 2 min ) Video Shoot + Editing + Post On Facebook and Instagram
    1.2 Lac Guarantee Reach ₹ 15,500
  • If you want With Drone Shoot
    ₹ 3,000 (Extra)
By Client
  • Video Or Reel Content Provided By Client Post On Facebook & Instagram
    1.2 Lac Guarantee Reach
    ₹ 10,500
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Want to have some more clarity on what Aapdu Junagadh is?

Then ask, Who Aapdu Junagadh is; because it is every single person, who loves this city and wants to see only better and beautiful things happening for it.

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