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Clay Modelling Workshop

A few days back, Clay-Modelling Workshop was organised by Aapdu Junagadh supported by Junagadh Musuem in Opera House, Junagadh. People of all ages ranging...



જૂનાગઢમાં યોજાઇ રહેલા ‘સિઝલર ફેસ્ટિવલ’માં અનોખા સ્વાદની મજા માણો, ₹155 થી…

જૂનાગઢમાં અનેક પ્રકારના ફેસ્ટિવલ અવારનવાર યોજાતા હોય છે, જેનું કારણ છે જૂનાગઢના મસ્ત-મોજીલા જૂનાગઢવાસીઓ! આ મસ્ત-મોજીલા જૂનાગઢવાસીઓ ઉત્સવપ્રિય તો છે જ, સાથોસાથ અવનવું ખાવાપીવાના...

Online Cooking Competition Season - 2


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Aapdu Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh is a bridge that connects the highly excited, adventurous people of Junagadh with its beautiful nature & its precious heritage. Aapdu Junagadh is one of its kind, it will help you to take a deep dive into the heritage, nature, beauty & latest news. It will show you Junagadh from an angle that has never been seen before. Aapdu Junagadh invites you to spend some time amidst those roars of lions which can’t be heard anywhere in the whole of Asia except Junagadh.Aapdu Junagadh is a leading digital media marketing agency at Junagadh, We have a strong community of more than 1.54 lakh + followers on Facebook. We are a new-age digital marketing agency and design company with a team of open-minded and ever curious beings. We create experiences, campaigns on digital platforms that transform brands, make people’s lives better and eventually business growth.

Aapdu Junagadh Digital Marketing Agency

Aapdu Junagadh is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Junagadh, the pioneers of the digital wave in the city. Our services are categorized into Social Media Marketing, Branding and Media services. Be it maintaining your Social Media handles or getting an enticing photoshoot for your products, we are at your service! Read More…

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