A new Pizza Outlet in Town – La Pino’z!

Pizza La Pino’z in Junagadh!
Is there anyone who doesn’t love something that has Pizza in it? Just the aroma of baking in the oven is enough to treat a true foodie.
Hardly can anyone deny to munch on pizza and chase the exotic flavors! Holding a slice of pizza and stretching the melted cheese on it is an experience that’s never enough for anyone and the craving is limitless.


Although I live in a small town of Gujarat, I somehow manage to fulfill my desire of guzzling up Pizza with various pizza outlets available in the town. There are numerous franchises from the local ones extended across Gujarat to the ones that are recognized around the world. Be it Domino’s or Real Piz-za, I have tried them all!


But my happiness was renewed when I got to know that La Pino’z has opened in Junagadh! I had heard a lot about it from friends and now I was all set to get a first-hand experience.
La Pino’z initially established its first outlet in Chandigarh. Soon, it drew the attention of people for its traditional way of making Italian style pizza. Currently, La Pino’z has extended its roots to over 100+ outlets in India!

La Pino’z also serves a wide range of varieties apart from pizza, which includes baked cheese pastas, taco’s, quesadillas, garlic bread sticks, mocktails and a wide-range of desserts to fulfil the demands of the new generation.

I think La Pino’z has always been able to set out different from the crowd. It has all new concepts of serving an enormous 24-inch pizza named Monstrous Pizza. Apart from this, you can also get 2 in 1 pizza that has two flavors on either of its sides.

And delicious slices is not the only hook here, the ambiance and vibes you get at La Pino’z are worth feeling! It is suitable for everything from a quick snack break to a family gathering and friends reun-ion. And the welcoming staff takes the whole experience to another level. One slice and you are full!


It has been over a month since La Pino’z opened in Junagadh and people are lovin’ it! After saying all this stuff, I do not find any reason why you must not visit La Pino’z at-least once. Give it a shot and I bet you will dig it out! Because La Pino’z is for those who can compromise anything but taste. Visit to savor the exotic flavors of food!

Address: Shop No. 1, Dasaram Complex, Zanzarda Road, opp Aadhar Mall, Junagadh, Contact: 7575888445

I am Jenil Parmar and it has been a wonderful experience of dining at La Pino’z

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