Terms and Conditions

AJ Jobs is just a medium of contact between the job seekers and employer.

The website simply provides the information and exchanges data for the job opportunities that already exists and the ones that are created.

The website merely transfers the information from the recruiter to the job seeker.

It does not play any part in the type of experience he/she experiences after they are recruited or whomsoever the recruiter recruites.

AJ Jobs is a public domain website where various types of profiles are uploaded. The website will not be held responsible for any individual, may it be the recruiter or the job seeker.

The individual is solely responsible for the person they are recruiting or the place they are applying a job to.

While using our services, we require the user to provide only the true and authentic information to the website. The website will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided by the users.

Users shall maintain the decorum of the platform and not abuse it by mass posting of the jobs and forwarding emails and such to other users on the platform.

The resume and cover letter documents submitted by the users must be true, complete and not hold any fraudulent information.

The user must agree not to blame the website for any fraudulent , obscene, vulgar experience or misleading facts he/she experiences with the other users of the website.

The user is solely responsible for the jobs they apply to and the employees they recruit in the process and shall not blame the website if anything goes otherwise.

The user is responsible to keep their account password protected and maintaining the safety of their account. The user is advised not to share the password or any kind of personal information with any other users of the website.