About Us

About AJJobs

Aapdu Junagadh jobs is a local platform for recruiters and job seekers.

We are just a medium to give our users an easy access to the opportunities in the area for new jobs. 

Aapdu Junagadh is a community of more than 4 lakh people active and connected on various social media platforms.

About Aapdu Junagadh

Aapdu Junagadh is an online community with more than 4 lac+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.We started the page of Aapdu Junagadh to provide positive stories of people, to the people of Junagadh. Now we have a very good reach in Junagadh as well as the Saurashtra region.

Our mission is to connect people of Junagadh for further progress and have a WIN- WIN situation, where both the employer and employee gains something out of it.

We believe that locals can help uplift the locals and hence Aapdu Junagadh as a community works to search jobs within the city for individuals’ advantage.

Our aim is to reach locally and make the struggle of searching jobs and finding employees easy.

Looking at the unemployment rate, we decided to create a bridge between the job seekers and the employers.