For Years, Tourism has been one of the highest earning sectors of India. It has provided jobs to millions of people across the country, thus giving them the means to earn for their living. There are cities and places which have been rich with culture and values since eternity.

The City of Junagadh is one such example of rich and glorious cultural heritage. The city is full of historic places to visit and is known as a land of pilgrimage and prayers. With Years, Junagadh has developed its historic places and has been moving towards the city’s urban approach.

The Pride of Junagadh resides in Mt. Girnar which is one of the oldest mountain peak in India and is the heart of the city. It attracts thousands of deity worshippers who come from different cities and states to fulfil their long wishes and prayers. Since a long time, Mt. Girnar has been a place for worship, as well as a fun location for trekking activities.  It covers around 866 Hindu and Jain temples in the different summits. One had to climb 9999 steps to reach to the final destination – Dattatreya, which is not reachable for a lot of people.

To ease people’s lives, the project – Girnar Ropeway was first initiated in 2018 by Shree Narendra Modi. The final inauguration was done on 24th October and thus – Udan Khatola – Girnar Ropeway was made open for Public to visit. Not only is the Ropeway fancy, but is the HIGHEST ROPEWAY OF ASIA. This has made the place more attractive to not only the people of Gujarat but the entire country. Every day the site of Ropeway sees hundreds of people from different parts of the country coming to visit and cherish the ride.

With Ropeway attracting tourists of all ages, caste and creed, it has made Junagadh more visible on the Map of India from the entire nation. It has given a boost to a lot of local business such as Hotels, Restaurants and other local cultural vendors and places. Hence highlighting the city and its culture across the country.

Looking at all the points, we can surely say that the construction of Ropeway is a sure shot blessing for the people of Junagadh and has been definitely a Boon to the Tourism of the City.