Making the most out of this Monsoon in Junagadh

Are you one of those people who always dances in joy when they see rains and always wish to travel during this season? Then you should definitely check out Junagadh city during Monsoon. The rain god has started blessing the city with incredible pours and scenic views.

The City of Junagadh is one of the most underrated destinations among the tourists. I feel the monsoon in this is city is one of the best I have ever witnessed. The city turns glorious with lush green mountains and White-grey clouds covering or making their way through the mountains. It’s one of the most incredible views to watch.

With a surrounding so beautiful, the view across the town makes some places even prettier to watch during this particular season. Imagine the sound of a waterfall amidst the lush green forests. Well that’s Jatashankar for you. The place is full of scenic beauty written all over it. A giant waterfall and trees across it makes the place worth visiting. Other places like Lal Dhori, Taleti, Bhavnath Temple, etc also add to the beauty of it.

But the most recent addition to this beauty is the newly constructed Ropeway at the Girnar Mountain. If you ever felt like touching the clouds or feeling them close to you, then Girnar Ropeway is a Must visit place for you. With the clouds playing hide & seek with the mountain, the ropeway feels like a gateway to heaven. Also the view from the top of the mountain where you see yourself above the clouds, you feel mesmerized and blessed. This view is nothing but spectacular to witness.

Not bragging but consider yourself blessed if you get a chance to witness an incredible monsoon in the city of Junagadh.