Janmashtami and its Celebration

India is a land of different cultures, traditions and a lot of beautiful festivals. One such beautiful festival which is celebrated all across India is “Janmashtami”.

Janmashtami is the celebration of birth of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated with pomp and fervour throughout India. Lord Krishna was believed to have been born on the eighth day of Bhadrapada month in Mathura to Devki and Vasudeva. Mathura was then ruled by an evil king – Kansa who was also the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. There was a prophecy that Devki’s eighth son (Lord Krishna) would kill the king Kans. Hence, Vasudeva escaped with his son and gave them to Yashoda and Nand baba in Vrindavan. Thus began the tales of Krishna and his naughty deeds.

The festival of Janmashtami is thus celebrated in the grandest way in Mathura and Vrindavan where devotees rejoice and celebrate this day. Since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, the celebrations begin at midnight with devotional songs, dances, folk music and fasting for the entire day. Then the “Murti” of Lord Krishna is bathed in water and milk, dressed in new clothes, and worshipped. Temples and household shrines are decorated with leaves and flowers and “Prasad” is offered to all the members of the household. The ritual of DahiHandi is followed the next day where a group of people come together and break a “DahiHandi” placed at a certain height.
Hence Janmashtami is the festival which brings people and family and friends together and celebrate this auspicious day in the most joyful manner.