Ancient Temples of Junagadh

With the blessings of nature, city of Junagadh has a vast history of ancient temples. Starting from mountain Girnar and Datar hills which contain lots of small and big holy places which have their own historical importance. The area of Bhavnath in Junagadh is surrounded by temples and holy places past thousands of years. Legends says even before kings and rulers, many gods came here and blessed this place.

Some temples of Lord Shiva are located inside the caves of mountain and forest, some are being found some are still hidden. There are many ancient sadhus and yogis worshipping gods since years and staying in the forest hidden from public eye only few lucky ones get a chance to meet those holy souls.

Ancient temples like Bhavnath which is a temple of Lord Shiva, the Shivling here is said to have emerged of its own divine intention. The Bhavnath Mahadev temple’s existence dates back to the ancient era and its story is found in the Puranic era. Lambe Hanuman located here is an ancient temple too.

Damodar kund a temple of Radha Krishna and Balram is a place in Bhavnath area of Junagadh, it is said that ‘Char dham’ is not complete without visiting here. Jatashankar is lord Shiva’s temple with blissful waterfall beside it in the middle of jungle.

There are many such ancient temples dedicated to various Goddess like goddess Chamunda, goddess Gayatri, Vagheshwari maa and temple of Lord Dattatreya, Goddess Amba, Jain Temples, etc on top of mount Girnar. Some idols emerged on their own from the ground and some are said to be created by Gods.

Apart from this, after the ancient era many kings and rulers passed and built their own holy places based on their cultures like Mosques which have their own historical importance, churches, Gurudwaras, etc. Staying in such diverse city is a blessing of its own where you can get glimpse from every culture and religion and gain historic knowledge.